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Equipment Manufacturing Solution
  • Variable Frequency Drive in Composite Sandwich Panel Production Machine

    A complete set of composite board color steel tile machines requires 6 frequency inverters:
    Mainframe: EDS1000-4T0037G, driving 3.7Kw motors, driving spindle roller directly. The composite board products then will be formed. A frequency inverter will control the running speed of the equipment.

    Corrugating Machine: EDS1000-4T0022G, driving 2.2Kw motors, turning molding machine, the plane plate extruding convex. The speed signal is input by the host unit.

    Variable Frequency Drive in Composite Sandwich Panel Production Machine
  • Variable Frequency Drive in Food Flexible Packaging Machine

    Packaging Machine Working Principle
    The temperature system of the equipment directly affects the quality of packaging. The machine adopts positive and negative tracking models to improve performance and precision. The PLC controlled tracking and temperature system helps to correct errors and avoid material waste.

  • Variable Frequency Drive in Industrial Washing Machine

    This industrial washing machine is widely used for cleaning applications in large hotels, factories, dry cleaners, and other places, for towels, clothing, silk and many other cloth products. The washing machine mainly consists of an automatic washing machine, ironing machine, dryer, dry cleaning machine and folding machine. The latter four kind of machine can be matched the inverters with low requirements.

  • Variable Frequency Drive for MCGS Touch Screen Control

    One Kunlun state touch screen controls three ENC EDS1000 series inverters simultaneously. It is required that FWD, REV, Stop, Frequency change, show running frequency, input voltage, motor rotary speed of each inverter.

  • Variable Frequency Drive Model Selection Guide

    Two basic requirements for frequency control:
    1. Output power on the motor axis must be larger or equal to the required power of the operating equipment.
    2. Electromagnetic torque produced by the motor must be larger or equal to the loaded resistance torque. (Which means that the output power of the inverter must be larger or equal to the rated power of the motor)-Maximum current principle.

    Note: Same motor powers but different number of pole pairs, rated torque and rated current of motor are different.

  • ENC Frequency Inverter and Fatek PLC Communication

    Main Hardware Connection
    The ENC inverter features an RS485 interface, which supports free protocol communication. We need to choose free protocol communication via RS485 interface and CB25 communication board for Fatek PLC when we connect the system components for PLC communication.

  • Siemens PLC and ENC Frequency Inverter RTU Communication

    Equipment Introduction
    The most common type of industrial automatic control system is a combination PLC and inverter. There are a variety of PLC modes to control the inverter and we use the RS-485 communication method. It features a strong anti-interference ability, high transmission rate and low cost operation. ENC frequency inverters come with a built-in international standard MODBUS (slave) communication protocol to operate and supervise single or multiple inverter units remotely.

    Take the Siemens S7-200CPU224XP for example. Here we utilize PLC and ENC frequency inverters to establish communication and realize initiation, frequency input, and monitoring.

  • RS-485 Communication for EDS1000 Variable Frequency Drive

    Solution Introduction
    In industry automation control systems, PLC and VFD combination application is the common mode of communication. RS-485 communication solutions are widely used to achieve automation control. It has strong anti-jamming capacity, high transmission speed, distant transmission and low cost operation. We can provide solutions by applying PLC and VFD serial communications to achieve blower variable frequency and remote monitoring in edible mushroom production.

  • Variable Frequency Drive in Laundry Equipment

    Shanghai Washing Machine Manufacturer produces some of the finest washing machine units in China. After years of development, its product sales to Europe, South America, Africa and other markets have grown steadily due to a high quality and affordable product line. We provide them with frequency inverters for their motor drive control and we have maintained a healthy partnership through the years.

    They produce fully-automated industrial washing machines with various capacities and functions. Our frequency inverters are suitable for the many different operating types.